The most welcoming place on earth The most welcoming place on earth

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Colombia is a home away from home, a place where, no matter who you are or where you come from, you’ll be greeted with open arms and beaming smiles.

It’s a place where you can be free to be yourself, because that’s exactly what home means… free to learn, to discover, to relax, to enjoy – whatever it is you’re looking for and whatever it is that you need. Colombia is a place where there’s no need to knock, because the door is always open.

They say the best thing about Colombia is its people. Whether on the shores of Cartagena or the Andes mountains, distance might separate them, but their values remain local – a warmth shared through all corners of the country and manifested in a spectrum of beautiful, regional traditions and cultures ready to be explored, tasted, danced to, and more. Colombia is a true community – a ‘Neighbourhood of Neighbourhoods’ – and now is the time to be a part of the most welcoming place on Earth. Together, we must harness this unique moment in time to restart international tourism, raise awareness and drive investment.